MTV Video Music Awards
↳ 013
↳ The Mill
↳ Art Director + Designer
Broadcast package design system exploratory for the 2013 MTV VMA's. The brief: keep the visuals predominantly black and white (aside from the nominated music video's), and glitch s*** up.

↳ Layers

Brooklyn, New York - a lively, multi-layered, socio-cultural delta where Puerto Ricans, Hassids, hipsters, junior Wall St. exec's and struggling artists live together in layers of harmony and chaos.
↳ Design Direction

By graphically layering textured strips of local footage and textures, contrasted with moments of bold, clean typography on monochromatic backgrounds, we aim to get a taste of the various elements that make up this unique borough.
↳ Visual Technique

Live action footage would be an exploratory of various Brooklyn neighborhoods from Greenpoint to Coney Island. Slow motion steady cam moments would be interrupted by stuttered stereoscopic time freezes or rapid layered graphic transitions.
↳ Sound

Music and sound design would be inspired by an array of local environmental sounds; from bouncing basketballs to barber store clippers, vibrating tattoo guns to muffled latin bass bumping from lowriders. These immersive sounds will be blended and warped to create interesting, abstract melodies that would complement or contradict the visual flow.

↳ Grid
An alternate direction that explores the use of a constantly changing grid system to communicate messages, introduce categories + nominees, and to jumble, distort and rearrange underlying footage captured around the streets of Brooklyn.