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Role—Design Lead

Design and animation direction for a rich gaming experience exclusive to Samsung tablets. An extension of Samsung's Milk ecosystem (Milk Music, Milk Video and Milk VR), Milk Games is a space where gamers can discover, learn about and experience high-caliber gaming any time, as well gain points, keep track of their stats and earn rewards by battling it out in the Milk Gaming community.

—Bryan Le (CD)
—Andrew Chee (UX)
—Saul Fougnier (Design)

Design Direction
The design direction sought to create a sleek, minimal and intuitive experience that set the stage for the latest game titles to shine on. Gamers finally had the freedom to play whatever, whenever, wherever, which led us to coin the term 'Freedom to Play’ - a call to gamers of all walks of life and levels of experience to embrace the future of gaming. This spirit permeated through every visual detail, from iconography to UI animation - even characters and in-game particles broke free from their UI containers.

Players could browse through games in two ways: Carousel View where game tiles come to life as animated cinemagraphs allowing the user to take an immersive peek into the world of the game, and Grid View for viewing multiple titles at once.

Game Details
Activating a game tile takes you to the Game Detail page where gamers can trial and purchase games, as well as find general game details, view demo videos, read in-depth IGN reviews, and view personal stats and achievements if they already own the game.

Responsive search functionality for gamers who don't have time to browse.

Control hub with quick access to recently played and trending games.

Menu > Downloads
Keep tabs on download progress and prioritize the order in which your games download.

Menu > Settings
The brains behind the beast: indepth settings and customization options so gamers can get the best performance out of their experience.

Menu > Player Stats and Achievements
Access detailed information about gaming habits, along with keeping tabs on milestones, level up points and player rankings, that can unlock special features and priority privelages.