2017  ·   Client - Samsung   ·   Agency - R/GA  ·   Role - Design

Early branding concepts teasing the pre-launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung's first device with an end-to-end Infinity Display, and intelligent voice assistant, Bixby.

Foundations: + =  8
The foundations of the design system where created by the joining of two circles: two seemingly opposing forces (humans and technology) coming together as one, to create a seamless figure 8 - with the Galaxy S8 sitting at the intersection.

Dimensionality:  + =  8
Building on the foundations, the emergence of a more dimensional 8 is teased through shifts in light and shadow, again hinting at the metaphors of infinity (end-to-end screen), seamlessness (humans and the Samsung ecosystem working together in harmony), as well as rebirth following the Note7 debacle.

S + 8 = S8
The second direction focuses on creating a logomark by combining the 'S' with the number 8, creating a vertical symbol of infinity.